The Importance of Knowledgeable PCB Assembly Experts in Vancouver

Seeking PCB Assembly Experts in Vancouver? It is important to know that not all are created equal, as it pertains to knowledge and experience.

As such, the importance of hiring someone knowledgeable within the PCB industry – matters. Not just to get the job done right, but also to ensure the time and financial investment being made will not be wasted on needless errors.

Electronic ‘gadgets’ are ever-changing and the knowledge-base to stay current is pivotal to the success of the final product. It is what happens behind the scenes that ensures a circuit board performs what is required to – and expert knowledge of a PCB assembly will ensure this.

What is a ‘PCB Assembly’?

First of all, lets clarify what a PCB assembly even is.

As described by Wikipedia

A PCB is a printed circuit board. Also known as a laminated sandwich structure of conductive and insulating layers.

Within that, there are various technologies associated with a PCB. Leading Edge extends our expert understanding of such technologies to our customers to help them manage the PCB needs – all at no extra cost for our skill level.

 As PCB Assembly Experts in Vancouver, we offer very quick lead times, all we require is your Gerber files together with BOM to provide you with a quote in short order.

Why We Deem Ourselves PCB Assembly Experts in Vancouver

At Leading Edge Manufacturing, we pride ourselves in our expertise. As mentioned on our services page, we provide…

On-time delivery, without compromising quality. Extremely quick turn-around times are our niche. We offer full turnkey and consignment (kitted) services, as well as JIT (Kanban) production. Although it is preferred to receive kitted components packaged on reels and in trays, we can accommodate cut tape. Our soldering equipment uses computer control /fault monitoring. Solder is tested regularly for purity, and the performance of our machines is constantly evaluated to ensure quality and reliability in all products.

In addition, Leading Edge Mfg Inc. offers our customers the value-added service of in-house cable and harness production. We are tooled to pin several manufacturers connectors and stock large varieties and gauges of wire to manage your electronics needs throughout the Lower Mainland.

Find out more about our Electronics Industry Solutions in Langley and Why Choosing Local Service Matters. Or feel free to contact us to reach one of our PCB Assembly Experts in Vancouver.