Sourcing Hard to Find Electronic Components During Supply Chain Shortages

Leading Edge prides ourselves on being a solution provider to businesses across the Lower Mainland. And for those sourcing hard to find electronic components during supply chain shortages; they know what a difficult task it can be to stay on top of such things.

As a leader in electronic manufacturing services (EMS), we are committed to supplying our customers with the highest level of quality products and services. Providing EMS solutions in Langley has been our mission for over 30 years, and we have not allowed the various supply chain issues to deter us from finding what our customers need – regardless of the product or roadblock.

Sourcing Hard to Find Electronic Components

As many already know, the electronics component world is facing acute shortages. On top of that, there have been long delivery timelines, which makes ‘business as usual’ potentially frustrating and costly for some.

Supply chain issues continue to be a big problem across most industry sectors for various reasons. Regardless, on many occasions we have found parts for our clients when no one else could.

Through our many years of relationship building, along with the ability to rework what we have available to us – Leading Edge is ‘leading’ for good reason. Which is why our long-time customers turn to us, or new customers find us, to help them with hard to find electronic components.

Reasons for Supply Chain Issues

Covid-19 staff shortages across the globe have caused a domino effect. It has displayed for many just how fragile the supply chain can be. One missing link, and the whole system can come to a grinding halt.

Beyond Covid, there are additional factors that come into play as it pertains to EMS supply chain issues. These include…

– Fast changing technology

– Production lifecycle (introduction, growth maturity, decline)

– Component shortages with long lead times

– Shipping delay and cost increases with freight surcharges

With continual technology advancements, these changes and lifecycles will not slow down. Quite the opposite in fact.

Which is why having an EMS provider who is as innovative as the industry itself, matters.

Our Electronic Manufacturing Service Includes:

The continuous innovation we employ helps us to drive the local market to excellence. We strive for best client practices and products, while also being able to rework hard-to-find parts for our customers.

We believe that ‘Coming Together is a Beginning, Keeping Together is Progress, Working Together is Success”. We would love to help your industry build upon their success, locate hard to find components as needed for 2022, and keep your business thriving throughout!