The Convenience of a Complete or Partial Box Build

Whether you are seeking a complete or partial box build – Leading Edge Manufacturing would be happy to help.

We offer both, the ability and expertise, to provide businesses with our electronic manufacturing knowledge, component sourcing and on-time delivery with ISO quality control procedures– regardless of the project.

Complete or Partial Box Build

Our customers seek our 30 years experience for their enclosure builds and wiring harness assembly needs.

We build to the design specification of our customers.

With over 3-decades in the electronics industry, we are a leading electronic manufacturing services provider (EMS) in Langley, BC – which includes…

The Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Because businesses are in no way carbon copies of one another, delivering complete or partial box builds for our customers is as unique as their industry.

As a contract manufacturing company, we provide our customers with the customized care and value-added service of rework or repair on pre-assembled PCBA’s. This includes trace repairs, component replacements, as well as hardware or software upgrades, which are just some of the services that we provide.

Our resources are at your disposal, and we are here to deliver precision workmanship with adaptable product outputs.

Electromechanical Assembly

As mentioned on our services pageLeading Edge offers Full Box Build assembly. We provide all aspects of Box Builds from enclosure fabrication, installation of sub-assemblies and their components. We also do the installation and routing of cabling or wire harnesses. Leading Edge will ship directly to our partners’ customers.

Control Panel Assembly & Wiring

The electrical components of a control panel are like human arteries. They carry all the necessary “stuff” to where it needs to be, keeping all systems alive.

Ensuring such wiring is assembled properly is vital. Whether customized or standard, these types of things require highly specific training to ensure the job is done right the first time. Not only to ensure productivity isn’t lost within your place of business – but for safety reasons also.

Quality assurance and quality testing are part-in-parcel with each complete or partial box control panel build we provide for our customers. We offer complete turn-key services, including testing and installation as needed, for all of our electronic sub-assemblies it produces.

In need of our services? Our facility is located in Langley, B.C and delivers…

Full PCB assembly encompassing all aspects of production from procurement to Box Build shipping direct to end users

  • Competitive pricing on all projects
  • Extremely quick turn-around times
  • Prototypes and R&D projects are welcome

We are confident in providing the best products with the highest quality standards. We look forward to helping your business manage all their complete or partial box control panel build needs, or other electronic components as needed!