Industry-Wide Electronics Compliance Practices: Why It’s Crucial to Choose an Audited/ISO Certified Facility in Vancouver

Within every corner of the globe there are industry-wide electronics compliance practices. This is crucial when choosing a facility, ensuring they are audited and an ISO certified facility in Vancouver.

Not only does this offer assurances for the services offered, but also the products.

So …What is ‘ISO Certification’?

ISO is the International Organization of Standardization. These international standards are in place to ensure customers receive electronics that meet their expectations. These certifications are managed by external certification overseers, helping to avoid any conflict of interest and ensure quality in unison.

Why are ISO Standards Important?

As a customer, choosing an ISO certified facility is important  for both reliability of products as well as services. Being an audited facility means your process documents and behind-the-scene compliances are all overseen, and therefor offer a reputable standing.

As a supplier, you want to choose an audited and ISO certified facility to ensure that the businesses you align with are in constant check. That they are within the realm of continual improvement of both products and services. As well as being able to review their audits as needed. It ensures that clear guidelines are followed, and you are in business with those that reflect the same quality business practices.

ISO Certified Facility in Vancouver – Certificates Held at Leading Edge Manufacturing

Leading Edge employs what is known as ‘ISO 9000’. This is a family of standards related to a Quality Management System. It ensures our organization meets the needs of our customers and suppliers through continual improvement and oversight. Click here to view certificate – or read on for more details.

IPC-A-610 – Current Revision

IPC-A-610 illustrates industry-accepted workmanship criteria for electronic assemblies. This includes:

  • –        flex attachment
  • –        board in board
  • –        part on part
  • –        lead-free component orientation and soldering criteria for through-hole
  • –        SMT (new termination styles)
  • –        discrete wiring assemblies, cleaning, marking, coating, and laminate requirements
  • – RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)

Leading Edge Mfg. Inc. is fully compliant with this directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. An important objective in keeping products from being hazardous to the user, and those creating such products.

ESD Safe

Our ESD-Safe prevention program includes the use of appropriate ESD-Safe storage and packaging materials, the use of conductive filaments on garments worn by our assemblers, conductive wrist and foot straps, antistatic mats on our workbenches and on our walkways.

Curious to know more about Electronic Product Regulations in Canada? Here’s an overview. Or feel free to contact us with any questions you might have on our Industry-Wide Electronics Compliance Practices and our ISO Certified Facility in Vancouver.